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I fire live rounds when everyone else is scratching around for content and using blanks. I give you an eCommerce website marketing plan that will dominate your marketplace and crush the competition in your industry for free when you use any of our SEO services.

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My eCommerce website builder reviews are just the start of your journey into a world of unique content creation, graphic design, user engagement and subsequent customer conversion.

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Expert Shopify Help In The Telford, Shropshire And West Midlands Area

Expert Shopify & EKM Help In Telford, Shropshire And West Midlands

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11 August, 2018

Need Some Help Setting Up Your Shopify Or EKM eCommerce Store?

You've done your research, and you know that Shopify or EKM is the eCommerce platform upon which you are going to launch your bid for world domination, but now you've got started, perhaps you didn't realise there is so much to learn?

Shopify is one of the easiest to use eCommerce shopping carts, but that doesn't mean it does all the work for you, far from it. It saves you the drudgery of having to learn databases, hosting protocols, FTP, Security and all the other setup overheads associated with open source software like Magento, and it's a lot cheaper to maintain into the bargain.

But what most users new to building websites don't bargain for is the amount of manual labour that goes into creating a fantastic looking site. If you don't have any fundamental image editing or CSS skills, then getting your store to look just how you want it can be very time-consuming, that's time you could put to better use by calling in an eCommerce website design expert!

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Hire A Shopify Or EKM Expert!

Getting the right look and feel for your eCommerce store is a long-term investment. You'll probably not change your Shopify theme for another three or four years, and most graphics created (like your logo) can be moved to the new theme.

A Shopify expert can do most things in hours that would take you days or even weeks to learn how to do.  Getting the design right requires patience because getting things to line up precisely as you want them using HTML and CSS is painstaking work as you've no doubt found out if you are learning on the job.

In addition to a working knowledge of HTML and CSS, you'll also need to learn the Liquid templating language used exclusively by Shopify stores. It's not difficult to learn, but if you are up against a deadline, then you could use some help with it.

Professional Product Photography

Poorly photographed products will have a detrimental effect on the conversion rate for your store so getting some proper product shots using a great camera and decent lighting can make all the difference to your sales. There is no need to go to all the expense of buying high-end equipment to do the job; we can do it all for you.

General Advice

Perhaps you are not getting any sales, are not seeing any search traffic or just don't know what the next step should be for your eCommerce store. Calling in an SEO company Telford expert can save you hundreds of hours of second-guessing and tinkering with website design and configurations. Perhaps you don't know how to start attracting traffic to your site and need help with SEO or general promotion. 

Shopify Help Plans Start From £500

Whatever your situation I can help to get your site live and fully functioning in days instead of weeks. Don't sit at the PC getting frustrated trying to learn CSS or HTML when you could be putting that time to much better use. 

My Shopify help plan includes everything you need to open doors and start selling. If you need a logo I'll include a logo design for you. if you need the entire menu system constructing I can do that for you as well. Perhaps you need a list of products exported from a spreadsheet or other database into your new Shopify store, I can take care of that for you no problem.

Not sure what you want or how much work is involved? Contact me for a quote!

eCommerce Store Setup - £1,500

Advanced Projects - £3,000+

Something Else? See My Website Design Price List

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